What We Do

Turning on the TV can be tough today - it can be depressing, discouraging, and downright too much. But it doesn't have to be. We can choose to tell the stories that lift one another up in our darkest moments. We want to provide hopeful, uplifting, inspiring content based on the stories of everyday folks living in America and building their American dreams. Whether in digital, television, or film, our hope is to inspire people to reclaim the idea of the American dream, and see themselves as the hero in their own story in a country where possibility is accessible to all communities. We feel this is particularly important as the country looks to a recovery from COVID-19 and the divisive Trump era in which the country was led by fear. We see the resilient stories of everyday people in this country working to build their version of the American dream, whether it is building a business, getting citizenship, or helping their neighbors, we see that as the best antidote to the damage and divisiveness of the Trump era.