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THE AMERICAN PROSPECT: Georgia Senate Race Could Feature Shareholder Capitalism vs. Stakeholder Capitalism

How Senate candidate Sarah Riggs Amico, running against ex-CEO David Perdue in Georgia, sacrificed her family business investment to save jobs and pensions.

One of David Perdue’s challengers in the Senate race is also pointing to her business record—one that foregrounds actual compassion for the middle class, and sacrifice from those at the top.

Most astonishingly, Amico and the family owners gave up their entire direct investment in the business, using those funds to save jobs and pensions. “I spent a year and a half campaigning, talking about how you treat other people and how you lead,” Amico said. “And how our company was different. And here was a moment to show it.”

But you don’t hear many stories in the Second Gilded Age about business executives sacrificing their own investments for the greater good. You’re even less likely to see a politician literally running on how she took her company through bankruptcy. Amico seems sincerely committed to upending the now-hackneyed concept of what it means to run the country like a business.