Sarah Riggs Amico is a business executive, political leader, and founder of Rediscovering Our American Dream (ROAD), a mission-driven media company that is building the largest visual archive ever created to define, document, and defend The American Dream. Passionate about the core issues that impact our daily lives, Sarah is a fierce advocate for economic justice, and strongly supports equal rights, LGBTQ+ protections, healthcare, criminal justice reform, and universal healthcare. She uses her voice to stand up for progressive values and her grassroots perseverance helped flip Georgia blue. She’s become a familiar face across the national media landscape appearing on MSNBC, Fox News, SiriusXM, NPR, The Michael Steele Podcast. and The American Prospect. Her work in the political space has been chronicled in media including Cheddar, The Hill TV, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Politico, and Political Rewind on Georgia Public Broadcasting. Sarah is a regular contributor to Pantsuit Politics, The Laura Coates Show, and The Rick Smith Show.

She’s currently Executive Chairperson of Jack Cooper, her family’s trucking and logistics company with nearly 2,500 employees and has worked for more than a decade in capital markets, corporate governance, and turnaround management. She holds a BA from Washington & Lee University and MBA from Harvard Business School. Sarah segued into politics in 2018 after she was recruited to run for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. After winning the Democratic primary, Sarah joined forces with Stacey Abrams running on a platform that included expanding affordable health care, investments in education, tackling income inequality, and creating economic opportunities for all Georgians. The dynamic duo captured the hearts and minds of Americans, as well as the endorsements of national figures including President Barack Obama and the late Congressman John Lewis.

Sarah recently launched her media company Rediscovering Our American Dream (ROAD.) ROAD was born out of a quintessentially American ideal that where a person starts in life should not determine how far he, she, or they can go. Designed to share and uplift the stories of people pursuing their American Dreams, including immigrants, small business owners, candidates, and community organizers, the team has collected more than 350 stories across 40 states. ROAD also recently partnered with ALS-stricken activist Ady Barkan, developing and curating healthcare content for his PAC, Be a Hero. ROAD embarked on a summer road trip and has collected 40 stories across the American South. The team is rediscovering the American Dream and working to expand its reach to all communities.

Sarah and her Italian-born husband Andrea — who is now a proud American citizen — are raising their two daughters in Marietta.